Welcome to Secret Compass Film & TV

Welcome to our brand new website, for Secret Compass’s expanding film and TV arm. 

Due to the unusual nature of the places we take our adventurous expedition teams, we have up-to-date knowledge of some of the world’s wildest places. We thought we’d put this indispensible information to good use, helping film crews capture the extraordinary in challenging countries and environments from South Sudan and Namibia to Siberia and Greenland. 

Walking the Nile is our most recent project to air, charting Secret Compass’s founder Levison Wood’s epic walk along the Nile from its source to the sea. Airing every Sunday in January (9pm, Channel 4), this documentary series was filmed by Jamie Berry and Neil Bonner for October Films, with in-country location and logistics overseen by Tom McShane, Operations Director with Secret Compass.  

Adam Bullmore, executive producer of Walking the Nile for Channel 4, said,

“For the last 18 months we have been working with Secret Compass on the development, planning and execution of Walking the Nile. In all their responsibilities Secret Compass excelled. Their dedication and professionalism was of the highest order throughout, delivering a rare combination of efficiency and rigour: fast responses that were clearly thought out and comprehensive. Throughout an expedition where civil war, political hostility and severe weather conditions provided constant challenges, they met each challenge with expertise and good humour – another rare combination. I recommend them without equivocation.  We will be using them again.”

Welcome again to SecretCompassTV, hope you like it. If you had any website or general feedback, have any questions about who we are or what we do that aren’t answered on this site, or would like to talk through any upcoming TV and film projects, call us on the numbers below or email us and we’ll get back in touch asap. 

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