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Secret Compass stages epic ‘Ice Cold Gig’ for Jägermeister, as Bullet for my Valentine vocalist Matt Tuck performs extreme world-first gig on land, sea and air. Discover Secret Compass film, TV and brand work here.

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Jägermeister’s award-winning Ice Cold Gig series hit an all-time high last week as internationally renowned singer Matt Tuck sky-dived over the frozen Lyngsfjord peninsula in an epic helicopter – speedboat – husky sled adventure culminating in Jägermeister’s most extreme Ice Cold Gig to date.

UK-based Secret Compass was behind this high-risk and complex endeavour in one of the world’s most extreme environments. It involved one world first, one rock star, his three friends, 44 crew, three helicopters, 10 skydivers, 20 dogs and 11 cameras, at a location deep inside the Arctic Circle.

Tom Carson, music manager with Mast-Jaegermeister UK, said, “Our Ice Cold Gig series pushes limits in the music world. In 2016 we attempted to encompass three elements never before associated with one continuous gig, with Tuck singing in the air while sky-diving, on water in a speedboat, and finally on land during a husky sledge journey.

“As pioneers in their field, we work with Secret Compass to conceptualise and realise our extreme Ice Cold Gigs on the ground, due to their high-calibre reputation and professionalism in organising high-risk projects for brands, TV and film production companies and exploratory expedition teams.

“Secret Compass’s operations director Tom McShane was integral at every stage of this year’s gig, from initial planning and creative input to location management, as well as directing the photography and overseeing post-production for our teaser and documentary-styled footage.”

Image above shows The Defiled's 2014 'Ice Cold Gig' in Greenland.

Ice Cold Gigs

  • 2012: Soloist Charlie Simpson plays acoustic set in world’s coldest city, Yakutsk.

  • 2014: Rock band The Defiled play on an iceberg near Greenland, set new Guinness record.

  • 2015: Rock band Tesseract stage world-first gig on world’s largest igloo in Finnish Lapland.

  • 2016: World-first continuous air-sea-land gig for Bullet for my Valentine singer Matt Tuck.

The setting of Lyngsfjord, high above the Arctic Circle near Tromso in Norway, was chosen for its wildness and remoteness; the perfect setting for the adrenaline-fuelled and most extreme Ice Cold Gig to date.


Anatomy of the adventure

Tuck brought three friends with him, who were oblivious to what lay ahead until arriving at the dropzone. For stage one of the Ice Cold Gig, they ascended to 15,000ft above icy Lyngsfjord in a helicopter before a free-fall which began Tuck's epic set. With canopies opened at around 7,000ft, Tuck then grabbed his guitar to play a song for his floating audience, creating a unique moment in music history.

Stage two of the Ice Cold Gig saw Tuck and friends cross Lyngsfjord in a Buster Magnum speed boat, with wind chill at minus 20. A challenging temperature for a performance, yet spirits remained high as everyone joined in with his lyrics.

Stage thee of the Ice Cold Gig began with Tuck and friends pulled by Siberian huskies through the glistening Norwegian snow as Tuck played the gig’s last song. Ushering his crew back to a traditional Norwegian Sami camp, the friends gathered alongside enthusiastic locals (including a couple of reindeer) to toast this musical world first with a well-deserved, ice cold shot of Jägermeister.

After the gig, frontman Matt Tuck said: “I’ve played some incredible gigs around the world, but that was right up there, literally. Jäger’s Ice Cold Gig was one of the very best and definitely the most extreme! It’s my first skydiving experience, so dealing with the excitement and nerves – even before you add in the ruthless cold – was intense, but totally worth it. It’s awesome to say you did a world’s first in music, but to do it with my best mates, the guys who were there with me from the beginning, made it unforgettable. Now for a drink!” Find additional imagery on Facebook.


Secret Compass behind the scenes

Tom Carson, Jägermeister music manager added: “With Secret Compass’s help, we go bigger every year. Due to the nature of this world first – spanning land, sea and air in extreme conditions – this gig was not only a test of friendship but one of supporting each other, too.

“The Ice Cold Gigs have become a prominent feature for Jägermusic and this year we really wanted to celebrate musicians giving back to the people who’ve supported them from the very start: typically their best friends.”

Like Jägermeister’s 85-year-old secret recipe, plans like these do not come about overnight. The mammoth challenge of putting this incredible tribute to friendship together fell to Secret Compass, a company renowned for staging expeditions, brand projects and film and TV work in the world’s wildest places. The new Secret Compass brand projects website will launch in April 2016.

Faced with extreme modes of transport, freezing temperatures, high winds and rock stars, the team utilised strategic planning, the latest high -tech equipment and human endurance to capture the spirit of the project.


Press information

With a teaser video out 14 March (see top), the full-length Ice Cold Gig documentary film will follow by early April 2016. For further Secret Compass press information, email communications director Kerry O’Neill or call 0207 096 8428.

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