Secret Compass has a global reach and vast experience in providing creative location management, fixing and logistics services to ease the pressure on production managers. We originated as an expeditionary company and this is our bread and butter. Our team has developed a reputation for delivering complex projects in difficult places with tight budgets. Our range of projects means that we have a vast database of contacts, locations and ideas in every corner of the globe. 

FIND We have worked in the far flung corners of the earth. If you are looking for that amazing location or that ground breaking story, speak to us, chances are we can point you in the right direction, or know someone who can. 

FIX We have a vast network of fixers, translators and contacts all over the globe. We can assist you finding the right people for your project. We also provide specialist logistical support and extra capability working in conjunction with fixers in areas where they lack experience, this could be remote expeditionary regions or in areas where the existing fixers are particularly in-experienced. 

ACCESS We have enabled access for crews into politically sensitive, remote and geographically challenging areas. If you have been told you cant go somewhere, speak to us. 

RECCE We can provide detailed location recces by TV savvy consultants and are experimenting with Virtual Reality to enable the best possible transfer of information!

PLAN Is what we do. Our bread and butter is running complex expeditions to remote regions and so we can assist with pre-production planning and provide full service expedition plans in the harshest environments. We provide comprehensive location management and logistics plans, including budgets, taking pressure off production management teams. 

PREPARE If you prepare your crew, the chances of success increase significantly. We can help you with:

  • Pre-departure crew admin, health and information checks. 
  • Kit and equipment lists, kit hire and purchase
  • Training – medical, environmental or specialist skills

DELIVER We can also take on organisational responsibility on location to ensure your crew is comfortable and ready to work, considering transport; food and accommodation; local permits, visa support; consular liaison; and travel advice for cast and crew.

We’ll take care of the groundwork, enabling you to focus on your creative brief.