Our in-depth risk analysis and management expertise will protect your people, your project and your budget. Implementing our advice will significantly reduce the probability of an incident, enable you to react if something happens and minimise your liability. We specialise in remote locations, areas of heightened security risk and hostile environments, with staff professionally trained as Security Risk Management Consultants. 

We are unique in that we bring together an approach to Risk developed in the expedition, security and Military spheres, combining a range of experiences to provide unique solutions to your problems. Our working practices are developed using a range of experiences in addition to staff trained in the application of NEBOSH, BS 8848 and ISO 31000. 

We regularly provide detailed High Risk/Hostile Environment Risk Management for the BBC High Risk team, Discovery and Ch4 and have managed Risk in places as diverse as Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Republic of Congo, Niger, Afghanistan, Mali, Pakistan, Indian Kashmir, Libya, Colombia, Honduras and Uzbekistan, to name a few.

RISK ASSESSMENT Risks are assessed through a detailed process of analysis; clear and simple recommendations are provided to greatly reduce the likelihood of an incident and the severity should anything occur. We provide:

  • High Risk/Hostile Environment Assessments and Feasibility Studies
  • Production Risk Assessments
  • Specialist Risk Assessments
  • Safety Advice – casting an expert eye over your assessments

SAFETY PLANS AND PROTOCOLS Essential in order to delegate responsibility and implement recommendations from the risk assessment and provide comprehensive medical, communication and contingency plans. We also run an operations room providing routine and emergency support to crews on the ground. We can assist you with:

  • Complete safety, medical and communication plans
  • Assisting you with key information on medical facilities and infrastructure to develop comprehensive plans
  • Safety Advice – plan checking and advise

CONSULTANTS Experts are required to manage the safety plan and to dynamically assess risk on the ground. Whether you want to shoot in hostile environments, abseil out of helicopters, mount a 4×4 expedition across the Sahara or require specialist medical support, we can assist. We have a very wide pool of experienced, multi skilled consultants who take a team focused approach and often also manage logistics, fly drones or undertake other responsibilities:

  • Specialist environments (jungle, mountain, river, desert, arctic, sea), 
  • Security consultants
  • Specialist remote medics (inc Doctors and Paramedics). 
  • Specialist skills (IRATA, Diving, IFMGA, etc)

Secret Compass can provide a comprehensive pre-production risk assessment, feasibility study or manage the security and risk management of your project from initial concept through to delivery.